I spend every possible moment outdoors. Garden, mountain, forest, ocean, wildflower field, all are preferable to windows and walls. Indeed, I’ve spent so many hours writing in the gardens of my local arboretum, the chief horticulturist has taken to calling my favorite writing spot “Caprice’s Office.” 

If nature is my office, it is even more my temple. Words that bring me to see more in nature than I might otherwise see on my own are a divine gift. Tongues of Fire, by Seán Hewitt, is filled with such words, immersive and exultant, deepening my regard for the grace of the sacred wild.

“…an extraordinary collection …beyond-gorgeous, beyond-glorious, blood-felt, feral, luminous.” – Fiona Benson

“Seán Hewitt understands that poetic form is sacred and mysterious. In these godforsaken times his reverent procedures are food for the soul.” – Michael Longley 

Tongues of Fire is a beautiful book and Seán Hewitt is an extraordinary writer.” – Liz Berry

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