Caprice Garvin is a native New Mexican, currently residing in New Jersey. She studied in the Writing Division at Columbia University, where she was awarded The Woolrich Award for Excellence in Writing, and in the Writing Division at Sarah Lawrence College where she earned an M.F.A. in fiction. She is currently finishing work on a novel set in Turkey. 

Selected Work

“A Note to the Keeper of the Arboretum” forthcoming in Colorado Review Spring 2023

“A Measurement of Winter” forthcoming in North American Review Date TBD

“Shrill Carder Bee” in Poetry East Issue #104 Summer 2022 (In current issue)

“Midden” in Lily Poetry Review

“The End of Our Friendship” in Lily Poetry Review

“Grasp” in Lily Poetry Review

“Our Bees of Notre Dame” in Lily Poetry Review

“Cocoon” in

“Detachment” in Glass: A Journal of Poetry

“A Meat-packer’s Supplication” in The New Verse News

“Friendship Park” in Indolent Books

“The Photo Illustrator: Interview with Raquel Jaramillo” in Apogee Photo Magazine